Our main focus is to bring transitional housing to Ohio. The homes will be a democratically run, self-supporting and free from violence. Each House represents a remarkably effective and low cost method to empower survivors. LMLAP is working hard to bring this project into the Columbus area. Our first projected date of opening our doors is late fall of the year 2020.


How do we bring awareness to victims and the community about domestic violence? LMLAP is sponsoring a documentary along with launching social media campaigns to start empowering survivors! The documentary is in production now, we are predicting the film to be released fall 2020! Please stay connected, we will be releasing dates for our next casting calls! 


LMLAP currently gives referrals to clients to empower them through their journeys. Starting in 2019, we will be redirecting victims to our resource page, If you feel like you still need help, contact your local police department. Remember to always get peoples names and titles of those who you spoke with and make copies and start giving them to friends and family. BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE! 


Empowering you with knowledge is the key to success!

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