• Michelle Aaraichi


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I'm ashamed to admit that I had no concerns about this new virus. Why should I even worry about a virus that was 7,111 miles away from me? Viruses are reported all over the world and America has always protected its people. Nothing was going to stop me from reporting to work, attending scheduled meetings, going to events and enjoying dinner with my friends.  

I dismissed all news reports on the Coronavirus, I ignored the warnings. I blamed it on the political fight between the media and the President. The battle between these two parties has been going on for some time and I truly believed this was a political stunt that had nothing to do with the safety of the people.  

My eyes opened up when the State of Washington started reporting cases, then California. It didn't take long for the American people to start emptying shelves with hoarding and price gouging. Greed started rearing its ugly head throughout the country.

As death tolls started to climb, the medical staff across the world started pledging for help and as fast as the virus came to their patients, it turned on those who were trying to stop it. No one had immunity and it didn't take long for the virus to grab hold of its next victim. Those in the entertainment industry found out quickly how fast this spread.

I watched millennials crowed beaches, bars, and boats on Spring Break avoiding all warnings from the CDC and the President about social distancing. My heart sank when I realized that these millennials are our future. My mind started racing with thoughts of what will the human race look like in 40 or 50 years from now. Worst of all, would the millennials be able to stand up against the evils of this world?

Then the day came when five senators found themselves being quarantine. Holy shit, not even those in power can hide from this virus and let's be honest, most of the Senate and Congress members are mature individuals. Who in the hell will be left to run our country if this virus takes their lives, would the average individual be ready to take on ruthless killers both domestic and abroad?

I don't go to church, but I do believe in God, I started looking at Bible scriptures trying to match up what was happening and sharing with those who are very close to me with what I thought was happening to the world. My cries were dismissed because everyone had a belief system.  

I found myself going into survival mode and started preparing for the worst. I grabbed the calculator and started budgeting for the next two months and began rationing food and toilet paper. I was obsessed with media coverage

One of my coworkers commented on how calm I was during this crisis: “Calm???” I said. They had no idea I was screaming inside with panic and I felt like pushing my head into a pillow and screaming bloody murder. Then another coworker shared that they had felt like March was never going to end- was it still really March? I had lost all sense to reality and days were feeling like months. 

I started to finally gain control of my wandering thoughts and asked myself, how can we stop this invisible enemy from spreading? I have interviewed many people who survived the evilest situations created by man. These survivors faced war, ISIS attacks, drug addiction, sex trafficking, domestic violence, and child abuse. 

I took note of every pain and tear they shared with me. I witnessed their strength and courage it took to survive and the best way for me to describe their survival is with Kenny Roger's song, "The Gambler". Kenny Rogers passed away on March 20, 2020, but his song clearly rings of truth.

Take advice from a wise survivor, who escaped death multiple times and experienced the fear and pain of homelessness. As a community member, I'm doing my part with what is right to help stop the spread of this virus with social distancing, washing my hands, not hoarding or price gouging and trusting God.

My advice for those currently in political office, don't count your votes in this type of crisis, there is plenty of time to count after the healings are done. We the people both great and small can make a difference

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